What if blockchain became an integral part of supply chains?

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Beautiful young woman with green eyes in red dress and thought bubble with lettering What If. Comic Pop Art Style.For some time now, Sententia Partners has been researching and writing about the use of blockchain in the financial services industry to help promote efficiency and transparency, save costs and improve security and regulatory compliance. The more we learned about the technology, the more we realized there was the potential to use it to reshape global supply chains and enhance competitiveness of enterprises worldwide.

When we started talking to supply chain professionals about blockchain, it became clear that it was either not on their radar screens, or they had little understanding of the technology. In the summer of 2016, we decided to write an eBook about it, but that project took on a life of its own.

Fast forward to April 2017. Sententia Partners is pleased to announce that we’ve joined with Lighthouse Partners and Massing PR to form Chain Business Insights, an independent research firm focused on the application of blockchain in supply chain management and trade finance. We’ve also published our first eBook titled Blockchain Meets Supply Chain: Rewiring Business Operations for the Digital Age.

Blockchain Meets Supply Chain: Rewiring Business Operations for the Digital Age is a primer for those who want to learn about blockchain basics and potential applications in supply chain management. The eBook explains how blockchain can be used to improve efficiency and reduce fraud, support ethical and sustainable supply chains, facilitate trade transactions and comply with regulations. The eBook also discusses blockchain implementation challenges and strategy.

Proof of concepts are already underway to apply blockchain to supply chain management, and we discuss them in the eBook. Firms such as IBM, Walmart and Maersk are among the organizations leading the way, and several banks are engaged in programs to deploy blockchain in trade finance. We’re very excited to watch these proof of concepts as they advance into pilot programs and eventually into production.

Going forward, Chain Business Insights plans to publish eBooks, research briefs, blogs, and eNewsletters, and host events such as podcasts, webinars and conferences to keep supply chain professionals abreast of developments in this area.

Interested? Visit Chain Business Insights’ web site and purchase a copy of our new eBook, and please consider becoming a member of Chain Business Insights. Also, we encourage you to add to the conversation by taking our survey. All participants will receive a summary of key results.

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