Challenge: A major player in the securities lending market produces a lengthy and detailed monthly market commentary for distribution to institutional investors across the globe. The content, which typically runs over 10,000 words, is written by trading desk staff in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia-Pacific – some are not native English speakers.

Solution: Sententia Partners edits the content so it is written in one voice. In addition, we leverage our expertise in finance to fact check the document to ensure accuracy. Time is of the essence, so the project is completed for next day delivery.

Challenge: A fintech firm offers a sophisticated artificial intelligence platform used by venture capital and private equity firms. The challenge was to produce thought leadership content that raised awareness and showcased the credibility and reliability of the model.

Solution: Sententia Partners worked with the founder and CEO, CTO, chief AI officer and head of marketing to produce a white paper that explained the proprietary features on the platform, without revealing the “secret sauce”. The paper also included data analysis proving the precision of the model.

Challenge: A real estate investment firm was seeking equity partners for a portfolio of properties, but it lacked a coherent, well-designed investment memorandum to present to prospects.

Solution: Sententia Partners reviewed all the firm’s existing investment collateral and worked with senior management to develop a new format. We re-wrote and edited the content so the opportunity was communicated in a concise yet comprehensive way. Then we teamed up with a designer, who produced effective graphic illustrations and put a professional face on the project.

Challenge: An international, multi-billion dollar logistics services firm needed to expand its marketing effort to include social media. The first objective was to create a weekly blog for one of its main divisions, but the organization lacked the writing resources and know how to achieve its goal.

Solution: The enterprise retained Sententia Partners to create the blog. In collaboration with senior corporate managers, Sententia mapped out a monthly schedule of blog posts that reflected the organization’s marketing strategy and business reach. Sententia ghost-wrote the posts for internal subject matter experts, and helped the company to establish the blog as a key element of its marketing program.

Challenge: A top private university was expanding geographically by establishing a network of affiliate centers in Europe, South America, and Asia. The first center was in Europe, and the university needed to develop and execute a marketing strategy for the new network, but lacked the expertise to create such as program.

Solution: Functioning as an in-house resource, Sententia Partners supported the roll out of the network, and its ongoing promotion. Sententia provided resources in a number of areas including media outreach, collateral development, and thought leadership in the form of authoritative white papers, articles, and a dual-language, electronic newsletter.

Challenge: An industry practitioner and a university professor needed help editing a 70,000-word manuscript of their second book on supply chain. The challenge was to improve readability, eliminate inconsistencies and incorporate comments from several reviewers and the academic publisher.

Solution: Sententia Partners re-worked the content in collaboration with the co-authors, resulting in a coherent manuscript. We also leveraged our expertise in supply chain and technology to suggest changes where appropriate. The project was completed in two months.

Challenge: A global financial institution offers its corporate customers a full array of products and services, including advanced technology. Its challenge is to constantly reinforce the brand and support sales efforts through an ongoing thought leadership campaign.

Solution: Sententia Partners functions as an in-house resource and plays a key role in forming and communicating the company’s messages. We work directly with many of the company’s executives and customers worldwide. We generate ideas, write white papers, blogs, case studies, bylined articles, newsletters and speeches. Most collateral is downloadable on the company’s website, enabling it to capture leads. We are also their eyes and ears at industry conferences, and we support their social media efforts.

Challenge: When a major state university launched a new specialized master’s degree program in quantitative finance, its primary marketing challenge was to create awareness amongst potential students, companies and sponsors. It lacked collateral that distinguished its curriculum from similar programs offered by both the university and its competitors. It had a plan to hold a conference with world-renowned speakers, but needed additional support to get it off the ground.

Solution: After analyzing their needs, Sententia Partners created a communications plan for the program’s directors. We teamed up with a PR expert and a graphic designer to provide a complete marketing solution including website copy, a PowerPoint presentation, a brochure, press releases, article quotations in a premier industry publication and a conference folder. Moreover, we provided social media support on LinkedIn and Twitter before, during and after the conference and attended the speakers’ dinner after the event.

Challenge: A leading management consulting firm was retained by an international financial organization to write an assessment of Colombia’s economic potential. As part of the report, the firm had to look at the role of supply chain management in supporting the country’s growth, but the firm lacked the in-depth domain expertise.

Solution: Sententia Partners teamed up with a regional expert, and carried out field research in Colombia. This research, combined with expert knowledge of the supply chain domain, formed the basis of a report that became part of the consulting firm’s study.